Growing pains and learning curves.

For years I’ve been inviting a few buddies at a time out on a hike, or out to a beer.  It’s always been successful, but I always felt unhappy with how I communicated with everyone.  I am hoping this website will help with that, but I have done one thing terribly wrong. I am causing myself double work, if not triple on sharing hike information.  I am posting information redundantly three times:-

  1. Upcoming hikes page
  2. per hike page
  3. within the invite sent from my calendar

Since plans start as tentative, and as things get organized, locations and times change, then I find I have to update all three locations.

I have two February hikes in the pipeline, and I will follow through with my existing method, but expect a change soon. I am looking around for a better mechanism, and I might look into the next level of WordPress, to see if they can help organize. Maybe I should have just started a closed Meet Up group instead.  If anyone has ideas, then please let me know.



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