100% Organic

It seems this website is growing organically.  Sure I had an idea how I wanted it structured, but I never bothered to design it.  So I am feeling my way, adding incrementally and restructuring as I go.  I am a bit surprised that I did it this way, normally I plan and plan and plan.  I’m sorry to be moving things around everytime I update the site, but I promise I will soon get into a flow, and maintain the structure until it proves to be wrong.

Today I finally started out the upper layers for the park descriptions.  I am trying to group by geographic location, this seems to make as much sense as anything.  I also have listed park authorities so that you can find your own hike while waiting for me to organise.  By adding tags to trail descriptions it should allow searching by feature, such as grade, terrain, or flora.

I also added the next planned hike, and sent out the invites.  It feels good to be planning again.

See you on the trails!

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