What Happened To Alex?

Sunday Hike for my buddies 40th Birthday.

It feels like forever since I planned a hike. Truth is I haven’t really done any hiking since I returned to the US. The week after I got home, my car got wrecked, and it was a month before I was beck on the road; long enough to put us into cold damp, holidays and generally everyone being busy.

I did get on the trail one evening with my buddies from La Honda, catching one last evening hike in October, and then a Sunday 8 mile at the end of January. Both at Purisima, but opposite ends of the park.

Surely I could have been blogging, but it’s hard to get excited about hiking when you can’t find a way to get out there. I’ve been writing on Saturdays, letters to family and friends. I keep saying I’ll add the blogging to my writing time, and now I’m caught up on other correspondance I hope the hiking blog can resume.

So expect to hear more from me, and expect invites to hikes coming soon.

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