Three Sheets – A watering hole in Dublin, CA

As promised, last Monday was a day of exploring, and I tried new (to me) beers in a newish craft beer bar in Dublin.

Just off Dublin Blvd on Village Parkway, you will find Three Sheets. There’s only a couple of parking spaces out front, but there seems to be a small parking lot behind (seen on satellite images). There looks like there might be a summer patio, but last week there was no sign of the space being used for drinking. Stepping into the building, we were greeted by a large open area, and a decent crowd for a holiday monday. There was a few games set up including a bean bag tossing game.

The friendly staff allowed me plenty of time to peruse the three screens of beer menu, and the friendly clientele helped with recommendations. I took a taste of a couple of stouts, the had 3 on offer, all from Fieldwork.

The first I decided on was White Mocha , this is the second golden stout I’d tried, and this one was very much the flavour of a coffee stout. From the sample I thought it would be a good beer, but only for half a pint. It really has a strong flavour, good, but one that I feel a little would go a long way.

The second drink was again a stout, this time a good traditional imperial stout, Black Ships. A coffee stout, but this one had a more subtle flavour, and was very drinkable.

The food menu is limited to Pizza, at least you have a choice of Cheese or Pepperoni, it’s fast, cheap and filling, and turned out quite nice for ready made re-heat. They also, on the website, say that you are welcome to bring your own food.

One “fun” thing about this place, as the monitor cycles through the beer menu, one screen as a ticker of Untapp’d activity at the bar, so if you share a beer, your profile picture and beer will show up for all to see.

This bar is also dog friendly, unfortunately my friends dog wasn’t feeling well, so couldn’t join us.

I think I’ll be going back, but not with a large crowd since the tables are only 4 seaters.

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