Pinnacles High Peak Trail

I have always enjoyed my visits to Pinnacles, I’ve been there six times now, three on each side. It’s has some amazing terrain. The price you pay is dealing with high temperatures and steep climbs.

This time it seemed more lush and green than the last coupe of times, we had some late rains, however it was about 100°F when I was there, and I’m in no condition for steep climbs in that heat. I was in the area, so stopped by. It was 3pm when I finally arrived. By then my ample water supply was warming, so didn’t do much to cool me.

The rewards, as far us awesome delicate flowers, dramatic rocky landscape, the chance to watch climbers in action, the hope of seeing some condors, hiking through cool caves with bats all make it a trip worth the effort. Just be careful to manage your water supply and body temperature. Oh, and bring a good flashlight.

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