Lame Ducks Livermore Limp.

As you might have heard, I’ve messed up my knee, and I’m in convalescence.  I want to get back on the trails, and am very ready for the next event.

I’ve found a fairly flat, short trail in Livermore at Sycamore Grove park.

This will be the first hike I’ve organised in the Tri-Valley area.  I know that it has a tendency to get hot out there, and there is little shade, but we are still reasonably early in the year, just before the last rains in May.

After the Hike

I see we have some expensive lunch options in the area, I like the idea of trying out Ruby Hills Winery.  They have a picnic patio, but I believe we are meant to buy some wine to drink with our food.  They have a deli, so they can sell us all manner of Italian meat and cheese to accompany our picnic.  A cheaper option, but not as close, would be the First Street Ale House in downtown Livermore.

If you don’t want to join in for the after hike lunch, there are other things to explore in the Livermore area.

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