Mt Umunhum Frosty Hike

Hike Proposal

  • Mt Umunhum – Sierra Azul
  • 10am, Saturday, January 20, 2018.
  • 7 miles (approx)
  • open moorland, modest/steep climbs
  • Weather cold and clear, possibly frosty


A few of us have been anticipating the opening of the trails up Mt Um for a while, and now we finally get to go.

I see from the trail guide that it will be a moderately challenging climb, and a decent length hike.  7 miles is non too shabby.  As for terrain, and vegetation, I am not sure.


To dog owners, sorry, dogs are not allowed on the trail, or even to be left in the car.  They do allow service dogs, I didn’t see mention of therapy dogs on the website.  Don’t worry, I will be organizing dog friendly hikes.

There is a small amount of closed trail at the summit, and the radar tower is off limits due to the risk of lead paint.  I do not anticipate this being a problem.

Getting There

As for getting there.  Take Hicks Road to Mt Umunhum road, and follow it to the Bald Mountain Trail parking.  Apparently GPS might take you astray into private land and roads of locked gates.