Purisima Short and Steep


This is one of may favourite parks.  I guess it’s proximity to the office made it very accessible.  On a summer evening you can expect to stand in the warm sun, and watch a sea of mist roll in from the Pacific to flood the valleys and canyons below you.  This, however, will be a winter morning hike.  Our descent will take advantage of a gentle sun, and the climb will be in the shade of redwoods until the end.

Oh, I haven’t posted a special picture for this hike as it is the one on the home page for this site!


Keeping it in the redwoods, this charming restaurant is extremely popular, I hope we can find parking (car pool please).

  • Alices Restaurant, Woodside
  • 1pm, Saturday, January 27, 2018
  • Regional craft beers
  • Food available
    • Bar snacks
    • Full meals
      • burgers, ribs etc

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